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Our Chickens

We are focusing on our pastured lamb and our wool products so we are not raising chickens for meat or eggs at this time, same with our quail.

All chicken from This N That is pasture-raised. We believe in allowing our animals to have access outside; whether that be in a moveable pen for our broilers, or a large area to roam for our layers.This protects them better from predation than if they were allowed to free range around the farm. 


At this time we can only supply eggs for ourselves and a few customers.  Check back in 2019! 


We want our meat chickens to have only one bad day with us; the day they are butchered. From the day we get them as day old chicks until we take them to the abattoir we handle them with the care and respect they deserve. 

pastured chicken
fresh chicken
chicks in brooder
fresh chicken
chicks in brooder
pastured chicken


We will be doing two batches of 60 chickens throughout the calendar year. MARCH and SEPTEMBER. Our March and September batches are SOLD OUT. Check back in the beginning of 2019 for information on new batches. All customers can order a maximum of 8 birds per batch. All batches are grown for 10 weeks, allowing them ample time to grow to a healthy,mature weight before going to the abattoir. For example, birds purchased as chicks in March are grown until June. 

Customer Ordering:

You can message us on Facebook, email, or talk to us in person about your order. Repeat customers from past batches have first chance on chickens from the first batch of the new calendar year. Once all 60 chickens are spoken for you will be put on a "waiting list" for the next batch with the number of chickens you wish to purchase. This ensures new customers a chance to order chicken from us.

Pick Up:

All birds will be picked up from the farm, on a designated day, unless other arrangements are made. If birds are still left over by 8pm-without explaination- they will be put into the freezer to ensure the quality of the bird(s) is not compromised. Chickens not picked up within two days will be sold to other customers.


At this time we only offer whole chickens. Our whole chickens are $3.99/lb.The chickens are vacuumed packed and weigh approximately 3-7 lbs after processing. 


If you have any questions regarding our method of production, slaughter, processing etc. we would be more than happy to answer them! Farm tours are also available year round by appointment!

At this time we do not offer halal chicken products

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