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Q: Do you ship to the US/overseas?

A: We currently only ship in Canada, and ship through Canada Post. 

Q: Do you offer farm visits? 

Unfortunately, we do not offer farm visits at this time. Please check out our Instagram and Facebook page for daily shenanigans.

Q: Why does my yarn/roving have debris in it?

A: That's because your yarn/roving is straight from the farm! We also use natural, simple ingredient soap that doesn't break down VM (vegetable matter) so it will show up in your yarn/roving. We try our best to pick out as much VM as possible before sending our fleeces off to the mill for processing. 

Q: Where do you send your fibre for processing?

We primarily send our fleeces out to Anna Hunter of Long Way Homestead in Manitoba, or other fibre mills in Ontario. Only Canadian fibre mills process our yarn. 

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