Our SheepShare Pilot Program

Objective of the Program

Loosely based on the SponsorSHEEP program from Long Way Homestead in Manitoba, and various fibre CSAs, this pilot program aims to bring YOU-the fibre artists to us-the fibre farmers! 

This program is designed as an opportunity for us to directly engage you with the process involved in growing fibre; from raising the animals to shearing, to the production of fibre products.

Not every fibre artist has the means or resources to own or visit fibre farms, so this program is an attempt to bridge that gap and bring the farm experience to you!

We are looking for local knitters, spinners, dyers, and crafters to sign up and support this program!

The Basics

The program will commence on October 1st of the current year and conclude on September 30th of the following year.

You can visit the farm in October to pick out your sheep, determine which tier of SHEEPShare you would like, and secure your place with a 25% deposit.


For those people interested in the program but live outside of the Niagara Region and can't make it out to the farm in October, you will be able to purchase SHEEPShare tiers by emailing us directly to reserve your sheep. NOTE: Purchasing a Share online requires the same 25% deposit.

Every tier of SHEEPShare includes:

  • A photo of your sheep with all their basic information (name, breed, age, etc.)

  • Monthly updates about your sheep

  • Scheduled visits to the farm (one on one, shearing, lambing, open houses)

  • A special thank you gift for supporting us and your sheep!

SHEEPShare Tiers

TIER #1  $50

 Two skeins of yarn from your sheep (weight can be chosen). 

*This is an excellent option to test the waters of our SHEEPShare program!*

NOTE: There will be 4 shares of this option (8 skeins total) but it is limited to ONE share per person, so that multiple people can enjoy the same sheep.

tier #2  $100

The full fleece from your sheep

Comes skirted (unless you choose for it to be washed $25 extra)

*This is excellent for experienced fibre artists who regularly work with whole fleeces*

TIER #3  $250

The full fleece from your sheep washed and processed into rovings, batts, rolags, etc.

*This is a great option for handspinners or people looking to start spinning*

Tier #4 $400

The full fleece from your sheep washed and processed into yarn (weight can be chosen). This is generally between 10-20 skeins depending on the amount of useable fibre from the fleece, as well as the age of the sheep.

*This is an option for knitters and crafters (or knitting groups) who want to support the program  to start working with the yarn from the whole fleece immediately*


Along with the SHEEPShare tiers we would like to offer you some other fibre related goods!

Alpaca and mohair blend very nicely with wool and can be purchased as "shares" alongside our tiers when they become available to us. These "shares" will come from other local fibre farmers in the area.

If you like naturally dyeing  your fibre, we will be growing dye plants to be used on your SHEEPShare wool and they too can be purchased as "shares".

Prices are yet to be determined for "shares"


We cannot guarantee that your sheep will survive the entire year of SHEEPShare as we have learned the hard way that livestock do not always survive even with the absolute best care. If this does happen, we will match you with another to replace the sheep you lost.

Due to this being a pilot program we are still working out the technicalities and all aspects of the program (including pricing) are fluid and subject to change. If the SHEEPShare you would like has already been chosen, we would be happy to work with you to choose another to meet your fibre needs!

To see a complete list of sheep available for this program please contact us!

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