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Spring is coming and with it comes new life; specifically baby birds!


So why not prepare with a cute wool holder for birds to make their nests with. These holders are great because 1) we use carding waste (clean and picked wool that is too short or not uniform enough to be made into roving or yarn) that might otherwise be discarded 2) wool is safe for birds unlike yarn where the strands can get tangled in the bird's legs, neck, or wings, cutting off blood flow and leading to loss of limbs and death. The birds can choke or form internal obstructions from eating the yarn. It can also tether them to the nest. And 3) the holders can be used again to hold suet or to restuff with more wool! 


*comes with wool already in the holder* 

Wool/Suet Ball Holder

C$10.00 Regular Price
C$5.00Sale Price